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Sandra E. Oswell by SageofRhun
Mature content
Sandra E. Oswell :iconsageofrhun:SageofRhun 2 0
Mature content
Fortitude and Beauty : Le Petit Prince et La Femme :iconsageofrhun:SageofRhun 3 0
Mature content
Experiment: A FM Story with Just Description :iconsageofrhun:SageofRhun 14 4
Another Pesky Placeholder by SageofRhun Another Pesky Placeholder :iconsageofrhun:SageofRhun 0 0
Mature content
Can be I Noticed Now?! Awoo! A Watamote Story :iconsageofrhun:SageofRhun 12 6
Mature content
The War Behemoth :iconsageofrhun:SageofRhun 4 6
The Men of Lepus to the Lady of Strength
To hear we reply, as you grow in strength
We amass near the fortress of where there is little amour
Neither do we seek nor do we anticipate to be dominated
Independence over autonomy is what we request
For do not seek the dawn or the night
We seek the twilight and are the children of Lepus  Minoris
The one who has granted us pacifistic way of life
For we are not of the clan of the Lepus Majoris
Neither are we the bards of the lord
Nor do we expect gratitude on our part
As the days draw on, we are of mutual stock
But it does not last for long
A divergence of rabbits becomes apparent
As the Lepus Majoris wage war against the clan of Ochotona
For they rely on banditry, as they the speedsters of the north
They shall not wield, but as the rabbit as our patron
We shall go forward and defend our pride, through the use of
A swift act of justice and upon deliverance, a surmountable amount of penance
But with the clan of Ochotona, we capitalize on our strengths &
:iconsageofrhun:SageofRhun 0 0
The Strength of the FM Community
The Strength of the FM Community: Against The Caucus of Repudiation,  A Long Stress At Course and Liberation  
In a contemporary society, this is where we live, as the social justice turns in and out
And forms separate factions, not based on a component of kindness,  it is a mirror of distortion
Where we transgress the path of traditional morality and seek deviant liberation, not the type of where we sing
Where we always forget, that in this established society, we are the ones who ignore those are minorities
It is a conjecture, a piece of logic, which argue for itself, yet we are watchers in desolation
Liberation at its finest, yet from tradition,  comes the issue of conservatism, and modesty
Deviance from the norm is fine, yet others will refute it, and women with strength are one of the targets
A beauteous strength not to be begotten by masses, from the inner echelons of society  
Craft, is a preliminary strength which requires practice, as does the beauteou
:iconsageofrhun:SageofRhun 0 0


Wendy's Beefy Tweet by DepravedDefense Wendy's Beefy Tweet :icondepraveddefense:DepravedDefense 194 18 The mystery of the shrinking clothes by devmgf
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The mystery of the shrinking clothes :icondevmgf:devmgf 291 45
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Moxydoxy's Shine Impact by Jebriodo Moxydoxy's Shine Impact :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 200 14 Greek vs Persian sketch by Jebriodo
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Greek vs Persian sketch :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 157 9
Anonymous sketch commission by Jebriodo Anonymous sketch commission :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 284 11 Natasha color sketch by Jebriodo
Mature content
Natasha color sketch :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 234 17



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The young blood never saw her eyes
Nor did he see beyond her massive girth.
Nonetheless, the moment she bended down.
Dozens of butterflies flew across and
One of them, landed on her hair.

Dark as a stallion’s coat and fluffier than a husky,
Her hair flowed and blew with the spring breeze.
Nothing better than a genuine smile, one could ask,
For it radiated beyond his grasp.
Flushing and blushing, red with embarrassment, he sputtered.

Why ask me and why her? His rusty heart ached.
I do not know. His mind echoed back to deaf ears.
Alas, an uncertain fellow he was.
Her heart asked as well, why a person like him?
She did not either, however, they both seemed noble.

Her aura penetrated his shell, he squirmed
As she put her hand onto his lithe but thin shoulder.
A scent, he detected it, lighter than lavender but not
As heavy as a daffodil, the scent of lilac coaxed and
Relaxed his weary and dull nostrils opened.

As dancers, musicians, and courtiers,
The lilac gathered in the ballroom and
A harmonious orchestra of musicians and dancers
Rumbled and woke up the young man.

Finally, he could stand his ground,
His composure renewed, he stared into
Her soft and earthy eyes.
Greeted with a playful look, the amazon
Put her other hand on his petit back.

Neither did he flinch nor did he scream.
A simple sheepish smile and a
Playful wink on her part.
She scooped him up her pulsating arms.

Cradled in her arms, a fortress of stone
With a floor of fleshy and warm pillows.
He sank a little further in, she blushed,
For she never held anyone close before.

Not a masquerade, but an ingenuous heart,
He ‘fainted’ and could feel the warmth
Of her soft and veritable flesh.
Finally, it was her turn to be sheepish.

Her biceps blossomed as flowers did,
Her thighs filled her silky skirt,
With voluminous effect, they bulged
Her legs, grand and long knew no skies.

Bewildered, she knew she was strong.
Fertility screamed from her.
Nonetheless, the extra boost,
Helped her stay her ground.  

Innocence and a genuine heart
His hand hovered towards her broad
And bulky shoulder.
He gently grasped it.

A starlight gaze, he shifted
And placed his head onto her shoulder.
Red with embarrassment, she looked away.
Gently, she tightened her grip and placed him
Back in to the centre of her bosom.

Both their hearts wrenched,
For the anxiety, the warlord of them all, grasped them.
The two armies met across the hill, however,
They moved away, once the sun rose back to glory.

The virtuous moment of when they embraced
And shared their first kiss, the sun arose,
The flowers blossomed and he finally
Leaned on her shoulder.
I'm open for business or trading! If you know anyone who's interested in having their ideas brought to life into a written form, then feel free to send me a note. 

Each short story or other piece of literature is $2.50 USD or 250 DA points a piece . Please note that the maximum quantity is 10 pieces per order. For payment, Paypal or DA points work. Alternatively you can do an art or story trade.
Each piece is approximately between 1500-2000 words. 


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Mature Content

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- Anthro is fine
- Non-fm stories (though you should probably go to my other account to do that.)  

- Male muscle growth stories or any other MMG related literature
- Other fetishes (except otherwise mentioned) 
- Nothing sexually explicit or overtly gory
- Anything involving wanton violence  

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